50 Cent may be the meme and petty king, making headlines whenever he rips his nemesis to shreds, but he knows a publicity stunt when he see's one. The G-Unit boss sat down for an interview on March 18 where he addressed a host of topics from Ciara to his new A&E Variety show and of course former G-Unit member The Game.

After more than 10 years of heated distain, Game let the sauce get the best of him before abandoning his beloved Ciroc and giving Fif's Effen Vodka a try. The drink was so good that it inspired Game to go on an Instagram rant and praise 50, who seemed empathic and unbothered by the drunken praise. "I'm not concerned with it, I think either way he likes the product and the TV show," 50 told Power 98's Danny Diaz.

While Game's rant left the Power star thankful for the plug, he was a bit more skeptical about Game's February Instagram post featuring a picture with Lloyd Banks in a Dubai club. "I look at it and I go why?" 50 said. "If you saw him and y'all spoke and y'all was really trying to settle something, then y'all settled what y'all settled when y'all spoke about it. What was the picture necessary for?

"It was for publicity, to promote the situation right? And that does nothing," 50 concludes.

The convo soon transitioned from Game to Ciara and Future's lawsuit drama and her new engagement to Russell Wilson. The father of two defended the Freeband Gang rhymer from the rumors that he was bitter about Ci Ci moving on. "He's not being bitter, because that's how he actually feels," 50 said. "The shit is different...now they are locked into each other." Peep the full interview above.

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