50 Cent's strained relationship with his first born son Marquise and his mother Shaniqua Tompkins has played out on social media over the past few years with some pretty ugly results. In September, 50 shared a countdown clock in a since deleted post, showing how eager he is to stop paying child support, and early Tuesday morning, (Oct. 17) Fif posted the above photo, responding to a tweet Tompkins sent in which she comments on the fact that the rapper's other son went to school in designer shoes.

"See this why if this bitch got hit by the Q11 bus and it dragged her, I would get out of my Bentley and ride the motherfucker 2 stops," 50 wrote. "LMAO He is going to a school connected to Hunter college, because he is advanced Bitch he is 11 years old in the 8th grade. just facts."

Shortly after 50 posted that countdown clock, Tompkins aired out some of the rapper's financial past, writing on Instagram, "I was working and he was dependent on my taxes like my children! He wasn’t rich for 16 years!” The back and forth between 50 and Tompkins has persisted for years now with no sign of a resolution in sight. Whether it be Meek Mill or Vivica Fox, 50 has been relentless in past feuds with the bad blood here running deeper than perhaps any other. As long as 50 continues to post pictures of his other children, such as the photo included below, he and Tompkins may continue to air out their differences online.

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