As 50 Cent continues to go through the bankruptcy proceedings in a Connecticut court, the true nature of his financial status is coming to light. Yesterday (Aug. 5), reports surfaced that G-Unit Records and associated G-Unit Brands had lost 50 Cent over the pat three years and that his monthly expenses were estimated at $108,000 and today, Buzzfeed has released the official bankruptcy documents that show 50 Cent is not as broke as he is letting on.

The court documents confirm that 50 owns right around $10 million in real estate--including his Connecticut mansion that requires $6,500 worth of lawn care a month--multiple cars that are worth $500,000 and spends $9,000 in security, $12,100 in child support, $3,000 on meals and entertainment, $1,000 on personal grooming and $2,000 on travel a month. The documents also show that Curtis Jackson has $10 million in various bank accounts.

The rapper has said in court that he owes over $32 million and that his gross income is right around $77,000 per year after expenses. The full court reports can be read here.

In mid-July, Fif shockingly filed for bankruptcy in the state of Connecticut just months after Forbes estimated the rapper’s worth at $155 million. According to documents obtained by The Wrap a few days after the bankruptcy news broke, the rapper born Curtis Jackson owes $28.5 million to creditors including his grandfather, Rick Ross’ baby mother and Sleek Audio. He owes the majority of the money ($18,428,257 to be exact) to Sleek Audio, an audio company that claimed the rapper stole their product design and confidential private client information for SMS Audio.