50 Cent stopped by Conan last night, where he was questioned about his recent decision to file for bankruptcy.

"Yeah, I need protection," the G-Unit leader joked self-deprecatingly. He seemed to have been trying to make light of the situation, but was serious nonetheless. According to Fif, he feels like he has a bulls eye on his back. "When you're successful and in the public [eye], you become the ideal person for people to [bring a lawsuit against]," he explained. Conan jokingly says that 50 has already started to watch his spending, referring to the rapper's recent Instagram photo where he poses in front of a smart car. "Times are hard out here," wrote Fif in the photo's caption.

On a more serious note, the hip-hop mogul says that his filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday (July 13) enables him to reorganize his finances. In a statement issued after 50's filing, his attorneys said, “The filing allows Mr. Jackson to reorganize his financial affairs, as he addresses various professional liabilities and takes steps to position the future of his various business interests." According to his lawyers, 50's businesses will continue to operate as usual as he gets everything in order. In the New York rapper's eyes, he's simply taking the precautions that any other good businessman would take, as said during his Southpaw press junket. 50 Cent doesn't seem too concerned about the outcome of his decision to file or about the continued success of his many business ventures. Watch the short clip from Conan above to hear his side.