50 Cent and G-Unit continue to ride the wave of their reunion and land in the headlines seemingly on a weekly basis. Fif and The Unit will have their own G-Unit Reunion special on SiriusXM radio, and will touch on everything from their reunion, past beefs, and their take on emerging hip-hop artists.

When the topic of current flavor of the month, Bobby Shmurda, was brought up, Fifty unsurprisingly gave a truthful take: "I think he needs work," said 50. "The artist needs work. It’s like the Trinidad James thing. When a guy doesn’t actually have song structure. [Banks-It's not like he knew it was going to happen.] Nah, he just did the dance. Then when I looked at it, it felt like Diddy. It felt like [Micheal Jackson] a little bit in that 'Remember The Time' video."

The comparison may seem harsh but unless Shmurda shakes the block again with another hit, Fifty may be right.

Shmurda's single, "Hot N*gga," is more or less a freestyle over Lloyd Banks' song, "Jackpot," but Banks has no problem with Shmurda because he is, "Secure in where I'm at."