50 Cent's shade-throwing truly knows no depths or bounds, and the rapper continued to besmirch Diddy while in an Arizona nightclub, as he asked the crowd to name the Bad Boy mogul's most recent hit record. "Name his last fucking single," 50 says, with no immediate response. "The last single off his last album. Do anybody in here know what the last fuckin single was? The DJ don’t know. Google this shit, man."

The answer was "You Could Be Lover” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Gizzle off Diddy's MMM album which dropped this past November, and while 50 looks to be enjoying the song as the DJ plays it, he promptly tells him to cut it off. Watch footage from inside Scottsdale's INTL Nightclub above courtesy of TMZ.

Last week, 50 attended DJ Drama‘s NYC album release party for Quality Street Music 2 and snatched the microphone, saying of Diddy, "That motherfucka like 47? He’s getting that botox shit in his face. I just went to the place to get the facials. They said, ‘You want the thing like him?’ I said, ‘No what the fuck? I want you to see my facial expressions. I act and shit. Puff don’t act. That’s why his forehead don’t move.”

Back in April meanwhile, Fif called Puff out for not being a real artist, telling DJ Enuff on SiriusXM, “[Diddy] is a guy who stands next to the guy. I am the guy. He’s next to Biggie, he’s next to Ma$e, he’s next to Craig Mack, he’s next to The Lox, Lil’ Kim. When have you ever seen him by himself and it’s exciting? Even when it’s tribute music, there’s three or four other people because he’s not an artist. He’s a party promoter, a businessperson, a producer. A lot of different things but not an artist.”

Peep 50's most recent comments in the video above with the shots taken at Puff spanning over a year now.

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