24hrs isn't stopping his career-changing year from continuing to progress and pick up speed, and now he's released some more new music for fans. The Atlanta singer just dropped his new record "24hr Strip Club" to Soundcloud, which features none other than Juicy J.

The two team up to provide the perfect soundtrack for everyone's next visit to their local strip club, as 24hrs lays down his vocals while the Three 6 Mafia member gives a solid verse for the song. The R&B crooner, who is formerly known to many as Royce Rizzy, sings, "I'ma need the baddest/Like a cover on a magazine/Ooo-ooh, And they gon' go," and goes on to chant "All the hoes is bad" for the catchy hook. He then hands off the track to Juicy J, who rhymes, "Flood so many ones/The bank teller need a break/My backyard got a lake/My front yard like a dealership/Real nigga, I'm filthy rich."

24hrs is reworking his career to rebrand himself as a staple name in R&B, and so far, he's making sure he's all about the music. In the past, the smooth artist has made sure that he doesn't provide much information about himself in interviews, as he wants fans to keep their ears to the music. He did, however, pitch himself to become an XXL Freshman for 2017 in recent months. Back in December, he teamed up with his brother, Madeintyo, for their joint EP, 24 Hours In Tokyo, which was met with critical acclaim.

Take a listen to 24hrs and Juicy J's new song "24hr Strip Club" below.

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