24hrs got himself a hit. The West Coast crooner sings about bouncing ones off of a stripper's backside for his newest single "Like Basketballs," which is produced by Slick LaFlare.

"Pussy so good, I buy Louis for her/That pussy so wet, I be swimmin' in it/I'm throwin' this money, I'm watchin' it fall/She bouncin' that ass like basketballs," he sings on the hook.

For the rest of the song, it gets more creative: "Balenciaga jeans look dingy/Your bitch love my Fendi/Really got a fetish for the cars/Told a bitch we goin' to the stars/Let a young nigga beat/Keep this song on repeat/Dirty Sprite in the Jeep/I have not reached my peak, damn."

"Like Basketballs" appears to be off of 24hrs' upcoming project, 12am in Atlanta. He's been dropping a bunch of loosies such as “Tats on Face" featuring Uno The Activist over the course of the year and his last project, Night Shiftwas released in May.

Bump "Like Basketballs" below.

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