21 Savage's status in the United States remains in limbo. There is somewhat of a bright side if things don't turn out in the Atlanta rapper's favor. If deported, he will get to keep all the assets he made while in the States.

Savage has been a profitable artist and there were rumblings that his money could be seized as a result of his deportation. According to a TMZ report on Saturday (Feb. 9), that is not the case. The government agency can take profits from an illegal alien if they were obtained illegally. However, assets cannot be confiscated if made in a legit way, which is how 21 has obtained his reported multi-million dollar net worth.

21 Savage was arrested last Sunday (Feb. 3) and accused of being an illegal immigrant from the U.K. who overstayed his visa. Since then, his birth certificate has surfaced proving he was born in London.

The rapper's lawyer insists he applied for a U visa in 2017 and say ICE is trying to spread false information about the rapper and intimidate him into leaving the country.

"We are unaware of why ICE apparently targeted Mr. Abraham-Joseph, but we will do everything possible to legally seek his release and pursue his available relief in immigration court," they said in a statement.

21 Savage is currently awaiting a hearing to see if he will be removed from the country.

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