The rise of 21 Savage continues. About two months after his Future-assisted single "X" went platinum, his Savage Mode cut "No Heart" has also achieved that rarified certification. You can see the screenshot of 21's email confirming the news below.

Featuring an ominous Metro Boomin instrumental, 21's chilling monotone delivery and equally icy lyrics, "No Heart" has had a hold of the Internet since Savage Mode dropped back in July. In October, the video for the track made its way to YouTube, and it has over 52 million views to date. Not bad.

In other 21 Savage-related news, the rapper recently got an interesting cosign from Talib Kweli, who's one of the more revered lyricists in the rap game. Despite being a new school artist, Kweli says old heads can learn from rappers like 21 Savage.

“Older artists, traditional artists, legacy artists have to learn from newer artists,” Kweli said in a recent interview. “Learn from the 21 Savages & Lil Yachtys and the Ugly Gods I guess that I just heard about just now. People get confused by thinking you gotta like the music, you gotta relate to the music… Music is emotional so people respond to music emotionally, and if it’s not something they grew up on, or something that’s not speaking their language that they relate to, they’re automatically dismissive of it without understanding the movement. They dismiss the movement along with the music. And you can’t dismiss the movement, because you gotta respect an artist getting their shit out there. You gotta respect it.”

Based on the millions of YouTube and Spotify streams 21's gotten, it's clear that fans respect him even if some old heads don't. Keep doing your thing 21.


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