Between his dagger emoji-littered "6-1-17" tweet and his appearance on a track we premiered last week, one thing has become quite clear: 21 Savage season is approaching, and pretty rapidly at that.

Yesterday (May 14), 21 previewed an ominous-sounding new song on social media and it sounded pretty awesome. The new track, which we don't have a name for yet, finds 21 abandoning the glorified aspects of gangsterdom for some of the more sobering, somber parts of the lifestyle.

On tracks like "Red Opps" or "No Heart," 21 has a lot of fun in the role of gun-toting, block-destroying goon, but in this one, he sounds as if he's actually haunted by the carnage. "I don't want to go to sleep I'm way too high dog/I can't get no sleep, I swear I'm way too high dog," he starts in what sounds like the hook to the song. "I see dead bodies when I close my eyes dog/I see dead bodies when I close my eyes dog."

From the sounds of things, 21's as cool as ever on the new track, with his fatalistic calm being at odds with the mental torture he raps about in the hook. That's pretty much a microcosm of everything that makes him so interesting to listen to. The instrumental almost sounds like Big Sean's "Bounce Back," but definitely more eerie sounding, which works perfectly with 21's seemingly deliberate flat-line delivery.

All together, this track sounds like it could be pretty dope. The question is, will it appear on whatever new project 21's hinted at? We don't know, because we can't even say for sure he's hinted at a new project. What we do know is this track should be pretty fire. Check out the preview video for yourself below.

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