Thank God for the Internet. Yesterday (Nov. 21), 21 Savage posted a photo of Kylie Jenner with three heart eyes, and fans immediately started to spam Tyga's Instagram.

Kylie and Tyga have been a couple for some time now, which is why 21 fans went in on Tyga. You can view 21's original post above via Twitter, and you can scroll down to view Tyga's recent Instagram posts, which have been overrun with comments from 21 Savage fans. Users are spamming Tyga's account with knife emojis ("Issa Knife!") to represent the 2016 XXL Freshman's famous tattoo. Additionally, commenters are leaving behind math equations - which, you guessed it - all equal 21. Social media is the best.

Neither Kylie nor Tyga have yet to respond to any of these comments, but they can't be too thrilled about the comments. It is pretty amazing how diehard 21's fans are - and he's still a pretty new artist.

In other 21 Savage-related news, it appears that a Savage Mode 2 mixtape with Metro Boomin might be on the way. That's fantastic news for fans of the rising Atlanta superstar. The "No Heart" rapper also recently popped up in Shy Glizzy's "Out the Block" video, and he dropped his biggest collaboration to date when he put out "Sneakin" with Drizzy Drake. He also has a guest feature on DC4 with Drizzy's rival, Meek Mill, for the track "Offended."

The future is bright for 21 Savage. In his 2016 XXL Freshman interview, he explained his rise in the game, saying, “I did everything by myself,” he told XXL. “That’s what separate me from a lot of people. I didn’t have no label, no marketing team, no promotion team, no nigga with no money behind me, I did all my shit by myself. I just worked hard. I just go out and do it, bruh. It don’t be no plans to it, I just do the shit. I can’t really describe it. Folks just gravitate to us.”

kinggoldchains via Instagram
kinggoldchains via Instagram

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