21 Savage joins JT the Bigga Figga (a.k.a. Figg Panamera) for "Money Talk," off JT's Cali Boy Down South album.

The LP is due out June 9. The song, which is produced by Cassius Jay, is pretty straight forward, as 21 and JT the Bigga Figga let their money do the talking for them.

"It's self-explanatory," JT tells XXL about the new single. "But in the streets a lot of times, you might be in situations where your conversation might not work but if you put that money on the table, you can get a lot of things done. It’s savagery. It’s gutta, it’s underground, it’s mob-oriented. Money moves the pieces on the board. It’s chess, not checkers. It’s bad guy shit, nothing nice about it, nothing positive about it. When things go bad, you let that money talk."

Cali Boy Down South is a 10-track LP that features guest appearances from Killa Twan, 21 Savage, Loso Loaded, Lotto Savage and Kevin Gates. The album touches on JT's story of a California native living in ATL. You can pre-order the project right now.

"This album is a continuation of the song 'Money Talks,'" JT says. "I’ve been down here by myself for almost seven years and a lot of the concepts deal with survival, street tactics and formulas to stay alive, to make progress. When you come to Atlanta, it looks like a party city at first but this is an underground city. The strip clubs run the music scene here. We got our own way of doing things, but down south has their own way of doing things. It’s a little more dangerous. You think they’re down humble country boys but they are high tech. All them smiles is to get you to put your guard down."

Listen to "Money Talk" and check out the tracklist for Cali Boy Down South below.

Cali Boy Down South Tracklist

  1. "Hand in da Pot" (prod by Cassius Jay)
  2. "Bon Appetit" Feat. Loso Loaded and Lotto Savage (prod. by Cassius Jay)
  3. "The Ups" (prod by Zaytoven and Cassius Jay)
  4. "Do What You Want" Feat. Killa Twan (prod. by Cassius Jay)
  5. "Riding Round wit Racks" (prod by Zaytoven and Cassius Jay)
  6. "Black Car" (prod. by Cassius Jay)
  7. "Money Talk" Feat. 21 Savage (prod. by Cassius Jay)
  8. "Phone Ringing" Feat. Kevin Gates (prod. K-Rabb)
  9. "Extra Grams" (prod. by Cassius Jay)
  10. "Coming For Me" (prod. by Yoksta)

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