21 Savage is a rapper on the rise. Generally, when an artist is popping in the streets, show money is flowing in in abundance. So just how many racks does a rapper of his caliber demand for a show?

Savage recently shut down a performance in New York City. When the topic of show money came up during a conversation with Meek Mill backstage, the Savage Mode rapper revealed he is pulling in $25,000 per performance.

"That's good though," says Meek, after revealing he rakes in $30K per show, easy. "Aint nothing the matter with that. Twenty-five, a day, four shows [is] a buck."

Savage has surely been stacking his paper. During the same New York City trip he was spotted walking down the street with what he claimed was a quarter million dollars in cash on full display. “Giant stack, bill ol’ stack, knock your head off stack,” he described the sizable knot.

That's not necessarily a bright idea, seeing as it is jux season, but you do what you want when you popping. And Savage is definitely popping. He currently has three songs on the Billboard Hot 100. “X” is at No. 54, after moving up four spots from last week, while “No Heart” makes its debut at No. 85. Drake’s “Sneakin” featuring the Atlanta rapper dips in at No. 38.

The Slaughter King will be embarking on the HIHORSE’d tour next week with Young Thug. Starting Nov. 9 in Baltimore, Md, the tour will hit up 20 cities including Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Seattle and Houston, before closing out on Dec. 18 in New York City.

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