21 Savage's latest project, titled, Issa Album, is filled with the Atlanta rapper's typically ruthless bars, but its also got a curveball in "FaceTime." The track is all sorts of lovey-dovey and radio-friendly. So much so, in fact, 21's label didn't want him to include it on the album because they didn't think his fans were ready for the sound. He says as much in a new interview with The Breakfast Club.

During a conversation that touches on everything from his new romance with Amber Rose to his issues with Tyga, Charlamagne Tha God asks 21 if Epic Records requested that he do a song like "FaceTime." Turns out it was quote the opposite.

"Label don't ask me to do nothing," responds 21, who says he's still independent because he's got a partnership deal with Epic. "I just did that—just me. The label didn't want me to put it on [Issa Album] because they felt like people weren't ready for that side of me. But I still just put it on [Issa Album] because I'm in control."

Elsewhere in the interview, 21 touches on his comments about confronting someone who speaks ill of his new girl. He clarifies that he was actually talking about celebrities who choose to throw shade at Rose, not angry folks on Twitter.

"See when I said that, I was talking about like, people who got voices. Not like just, your everyday fan who just on the internet typing something. But if you know like, I'm gonna bump into you, you can't just disrespect my woman," he says. "If you famous or you somebody who I'm gonna see and you disrespectful, it's gon' be smoke when I see you."

Speaking of disrespect, 21 also touches on his past issues with Tyga. Last year, he threw some shade at T-Raww when he publicly proclaimed his attraction to Tyga's then-girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. "I was out of line. And he was out of line too," 21 says when Charlamagne asks for an update on their feud.

"It wasn't really over a girl, but you could say it was over a girl," 21 continues. "Now he isn't even with the girl... I just be expecting shit to go a whole 'nother way when I see people. But shit be going the cool way, so I was like 'Alright.' I don't want to start a problem but... when you say certain shit and I see you, it's like, 'Oh boy it's finna to go down. We're going to fight!' But when it doesn't go that way, I'm not going to be on some extra-ass shit."

21 says he's actually seen Tyga in person since their spat, and the rapper was amiable. "When I saw him, he was on some cool shit and I was on some cool shit," he says. "Because it's really about some bullshit." Charlamagne then asks 21 if he and T-Raww even touched on their beef. 21 says they did.

"Yeah. He was like, 'That shit was some bullshit,'" 21 says, recounting his meeting with Tyga. "I was like 'Hell yeah' [and] dapped him up. At first I didn't even know who the hell he was, he had the braids. We was at the Migos and Future concert in L.A. I had came out with Quavo and them, so when I seen him, we was by the dressing room. I had on my shades and he had the braids so I couldn't recognize him at first.

"He walked up to me like, 'What's up bro?' So I was like this [pulls his shades from over his eyes] and when I saw who he was I pulled him in like, 'What's good? What's going on?' And he was like, 'Fuck that shit. That was bullshit. We need to do a song.' He took my number and that was it."

Check out 21's whole interview below. The bit about "Facetime" comes up at the nine-minute mark. The bit about Tyga comes in at the 24-minute mark.

XXL has reached out to Epic Records for comment.

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