Crazy. One word, so many definitions; and in the world of hip-hop’s reality TV, there are so many interpretations. Once you get a camera, a cast of associated persons, and a semi-desperate scramble for a residual check or a cash prize, you’re bound to get a ton of drama. Now that Love and Hip Hop Season 4 is coming to a close, and Ghostface Killah’s getting camera time on the latest season of Couples Therapy, here’s a ranking of the 20 of the craziest seasons of hip-hop reality TV shows. From Snoop Dogg's Father Hood to Flavor Of Love, we're counting down the best to ever hit the tube. –Andrew Asare


20. Making The Band, Season 2 (2002-2004)
From the long walk to Junior’s for cheesecake, to the constant fights between Ness and Freddy P, Diddy’s Making The Band, Season 2 served as the pre-cursor to “reality TV ratchetness.” A story of five struggling rappers and one singer—not only did the MTV series display the inner workings of a label and their talent's many problems—it also showed us how Diddy ran his tight ship, cutting three band members off the payroll right on the Season Three finale.


19. The Ultimate Hustler, Season 1 (2005)
Dubbed as the black Donald Trump, Damon Dash took a no-holds-barred approach when it came to his Apprentice-styled reality series, BET’s The Ultimate Hustler, which aired in 2005. Though the series only lasted for one season, contestants got great life lessons from Mr. Dash in mastering the art of the hustle. It’s no surprise Dame has practiced what he preached as the former Roc head honcho says he doesn’t need to count anyone’s pockets including former partner Jay.


18. Marrying The Game, Season 1 (2012)
By now we all know The Game got his girl’s back and “All That,” but before reality TV was convinced, viewers got introduced to another facet of his life with on-and-off girlfriend/fiancée Tiffney Cambridge on Marrying the Game. Opening up their relationship to the world on the VH1 reality series—though their journey to marital bliss hasn’t lasted as long as their seasons—viewers got an introduction to the bundle of joy and adorable girl that’s Cali Dream Taylor, Jayceon and Tiffney’s daughter.


17. From G’s To Gents, Season 2 (2009)
Take a G, give him clothes, teach him some etiquette, and the result: RiFF RAFF. Well, at least that’s what culminated from the MTV series From G’s to Gents—the transformation reality show executive produced by Jamie Foxx, starring Fonzworth Bentley. For two seasons, fans got to see who was really up for the challenge of becoming a productive member of society and who’s there just for the (less than) 15 seconds of fame, and the $100,000 prize. Judging from “Let Me Drive,” it’s clear RiFF RAFF didn’t need any of that money.


16. Gotti’s Way, Season 1 (2007-2008)
Before there was another resurrection of Murder Inc., there was family. The ingredients of VH1 reality series Gotti’s Way struck a recipe of hip-hop reality TV gold for the both the network and Irv Gotti—the Murder Inc. Records executive who gave a much-detailed inside look into both the family and work life after his acquittal after money laundering charges in 2005. The show provided an in-depth reality of a mogul/icon's rise back to the top.


15. Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood, Season 1 (2007-2008)
With now very little drama in the L-B-C, it’s not hard to be Snoop D-O-double-G, Snoop Lion, or father of the year. For two seasons, Snoop’s E! reality series Father Hood showcased the Lion’s great ability, not just as a multifaceted lyricist and actor, but as an all-around, doting and loving father and husband. Fast forward five years, and Snoop’s parental guidance has paid off as the Dogg’s son Cordell Broadus has caught the eye of 15 schools looking into college football scholarships—thanks to Papa Snoop’s time as football coach and dad.


14. Black. White. Season 1 (2006)
Before Ice Cube partnered with Kevin Hart for a Ride Along on a $47.8 million-dollar box office weekend, the N.W.A artist-turned-actor went behind-the-scenes creating and producing the FX reality series Black. White. Teaming up with RJ Cutler, Cube helped families give a much-needed view into the world of another race, opening up their eyes to positive and negative experiences.


13. Ice Loves Coco, Season 1 (2011)
Here’s a topic for Ice-T’s new podcast: Tracy “Ice-T” Marrow and Nicole “Coco” Austin make a great really, they do. As crazy as their courtship sounds, the controversial rapper turned accomplished actor and his voluptuous vixen wife made us fall in love—not just with Coco’s backside, but with their relationship and mutual respect for each other.


12. 50 Cent: The Money And The Power, Season 1 (2008)
Following the premise of his self-help book The 50th Law, 50 Cent took the literal pieces of his written book to TV with the MTV series 50 Cent: The Money and the Power. Similar to the setup of the The Apprentice and The Ultimate Hustler, the series featured fourteen aspiring moguls competing to win a $100,000 investment from 50 Cent on their business venture. Good idea? Yeah, but not for ratings, as the series aired for one season in 2008—which leaves the question: what did Ryan Mayberry (the winner) do with the money?


11. I Want To Work For Diddy, Season 1 (2008)
If you thought Diddy’s reign in reality TV stopped at Making the Band, that was just the beginning. Taking the cues from The Apprentice, Damon Dash’s Ultimate Hustler, and a bit of Survivor, I Want To Work For Diddy provided a preview to what it would be like to work for Mr. Combs and his empire as an assistant. Along with Kevin Liles, Capricorn Clark and Diddy’s then-manager Phil Robinson as judges, viewers got to see the contestants endure tireless nights, gruesome tasks, and bruised egos by Diddy and his staff.


10. Couples Therapy, Season 3 (Flavor Flav) (2013)
It’s a good thing that none of the girls Flavor Flav selected from his own reality series Flavor of Love really got to experience him outside of a camera setting. Season 3 of Couples Therapy, the VH1 relationship counseling reality series, showcased the tumultuous relationship and person that Public Enemy’s hype man appeared to be—and believe us, it was not a good sight, from the verbal abuse to emotional trauma.


9. Run’s House, Season 1 (2005)
Who needs Cliff Huxtable’s Coogi sweaters when you have the wise words of Rev. Run? For six seasons, MTV’s Run’s House dominated the reality TV world of MTV starring hip-hop’s first family, The Simmons'. With the oh-so-fine sisters Vanessa and Angela, the ambitious drive of the jr. Jojo, and the budding lyricist that’s now Diggy—complete with all the adventure, craziness, and drama that surrounded the Simmons family—we always got a good word from the Rev. at the end of each episode.


8. Chrissy And Mr. Jones, Season 1 (2012)
Right after Love and Hip Hop, hip-hop reality TV’s favorite couple, Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones, landed their spin-off Chrissy and Mr. Jones. Continuing where the couple left off, Chrissy and Jimmy took viewers through the bumpy roads of their relationship, with Mama Jones expanding on her Pumkash brand and grabbing a book deal along the way. And folks still got to see Fabolous’ girl Emily Bustamante in a couple of scenes. Though the series is mild compared to its predecessor, Chrissy and Mr. Jones still make great TV.


7. T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle, Season 1 (2011)
No one on the corner of Peachtree Street has swagga like the Harris family. For three seasons Atlanta’s favorite music couple blessed us with T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle, the series that followed T.I. and Tiny’s blended family after his 12-month sentence in prison. The show brought us lessons of tough love with their children and sometimes their friends that were not only great episodes to laugh at, but golden nuggets of information to grab.


6. Flavor Of Love, Season 2 (2006)
Despite slobbering on Flav’s crusty lips or become the laughing stock of future You Tube clips, Flavor of Love 2 was the come up for “urban models” and reality TV personalities like Chandra “Deelishis” Johnson and Shay “Buckeey” Johnson. Continuing the madness that was Flavor Flav’s journey to find the “one,” though, it was evident that Flav just chipped in for exposure purposes, which the contestants did as well (Tiffany “New York” Pollard). You couldn’t help but laugh at the silly that each castmate exposed or left.


5. Love And Hip Hop, Season 1 (2010)
Where Diddy’s Making The Band left off, Mona Scott Young and company picked things up, bringing more of the crazy, outlandish, and eyebrow-scrunching behavior that is Love And Hip Hop. The series that introduced us to Jim Jones' ride-or-die chick Chrissy Lampkin, the overly emotional Emily B., and former G-Unit songstress Olivia—oh, and you can’t forget the over-the-top Nancy “Mama” Jones—gave us an inside look into the love and business lives of one of hip-hop’s revered Dipset talents.


4. Love And Hip Hop, Season 2 (2011)
At the height of reality TV, Love And Hip Hop Season 2 was everything. A continuation of the previous season involving Chrissy, Olivia, Emily, Somaya Reece—with Yandy Smith and Kimbella added in—the show created a perfect stomping ground for hip-hop reality TV success. Or, at the very least, a foundation for Chrissy Lampkin to cave in Kimbella’s head with her feet.


3. Flavor Of Love, Season 1 (2006)
Respect is given to those who deserve it, and the first batch of girls from the VH1 reality series Flavor Of Love deserve very much—even Tiffany “New York” Pollard. The series featured Public Enemy’s beloved hype man's quest to seek out a love of his own after being dumped by Brigitte Nielsen following their initial hookup on The Surreal Life. Did Flav get the romance he wanted? No. But, he definitely got the check that he wanted along with the ratings and one more season to bring out another round of reality personalities.


2. Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta, Season 1 (2012)
“Do you really lub me Steebie?” Who could forget the affectionate broken English of Joseline Hernandez from the spin off of the original Love And Hip Hop, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 1 was ridiculousness at its finest. The show shook the table of reality TV with the double-life antics of Stevie J, the “all-too real personality” of K. Michelle, and the cluelessness of Mimi Faust. Oh yes, and the Biz-Na-EE of Lil’ Scrappy and Momma Dee.


1. Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta, Season 2 (2013)
Thriving off the success of its first season, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta upped the ante in the “constructed drama” and continued foolishness. What didn’t happen? Momma Dee, Mignon, Lil Scrappy and Erica all scrapped. K. Michelle fought three of her female cast mates with lit candles, bouquets of flowers, and drinks. Benzino claimed to smash the “homie's wifey” Joseline. And to put an ending to it all, Stevie J proposed to both Joseline and Mimi in the season finale. Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, Season 2 ranks as the No. 1 craziest, most ratchet hip-hop reality series of all time.