Last month, 2 Chainz told Rap Radar that he had two projects in the works, a solo work called B.C., and a joint album with Lil Wayne called Colligrove.  On Tuesday night, while hosting the 6th annual Street Execs Charity Concert, Chainz previewed a track from the latter of the two, a call-and-response track with Wayne and Chainz each repping their own hood. The track wasn't played in full, but a few lines can be heard through the DJs speakers.

With Wayne riding shotgun, Chainz spits, "I’m from Georgia nigga, (I’m from Louisiana)/I got a bunch of pistols (I got a bunch of ammo)/I’m from Atlanta, Tony Montana/I done made a mil, Dabbin Santa."

While 2015 has been a relative down year for 2 Chainz, he's closing it out strong with his merchandise line of Dabbin Santa sweaters.  They've been spotted everywhere this holiday season including on the dab captain himself, Cam Newton.

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