03 Greedo spent much of 2017 making a name for himself, dropping new songs and videos. Now, the Los Angeles rapper releases his long-awaited mixtape, The Wolf of Grape Street.

The 21-track tape serves as 03 Greedo's debut project for Alamo Records and includes a number of guest appearances. Rappers such as Yhung T.O, PnB Rock and OMB Peezy appear on The Wolf of Grape Street, while Ketchy The Great is featured on four the of the project's songs.

XXL caught up with 03 earlier this year where the "No Good Freestyle" rapper revealed  just how tough he really is. "I really was in the streets, I started as a battle rapper and I still will slap the shit out of people—but the industry is helping me become a better man," he said.

Greedo also shared his aspirations, which may be a little different than most rappers. "My thing is to be like a Mahatma Gandhi or Malcolm X for the slums around the world. Which may not mean that it’s as bad as the Jordan Downs Projects," he told us.

Check out the tracklist and listen to The Wolf of Grape Street below.

03 Greedo's The Wolf of Grape Street Mixtape Tracklist

1. "Drippin'"
2. "Ballin'" featuring Ketchy The Great
3. "If I Wasn't Rappin"
4. "Bacc to Bacc" featuring Yhung T.O
5. "Baytoven"
6. "Beat That Thang Down" featuring PnB Rock
7. "Run for Yo Life"
8. "Look at Me Now"
9. "Voodoo"
10. "100 Bands" featuring OMB Peezy
11. "Paranoid Pt. 03 featuring Bambino
12. "Vulture" featuring Ketchy The Great
13. "Chase" featuring Ketchy The Great and Doley Bernays
14. "White Owl" featuring Ketchy The Great
15. "Safety" featuring Ralfy The Plug
16. "My Dawgs"
17. "Pop It"
18. "Substance"
19. "Rude"
20. "Zoning"
21. "Never Bend"

Alamo Records
Alamo Records

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