ZelooperZ is back with new music. He releases "My Mind," the first track off the Abyss Series (whether this is a project or weekly campaign is unclear). "My Mind" is produced by Black Noi$e and finds the Detroit native rapping about how his life has changed.

What is known is that ZelooperZ is teaming up with producer Shigeto for their ZgetoboyZ project, which drops this summer.

In 2016, Z released his Bothic album. The project was the first album dropped on Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade Records, which ZelooperZ is signed to. The 10-track LP features production from Skywlkr, Black Noi$e, Bulletproof Dolphin and Professor Megablown.

In an interview with XXL, ZelooperZ discussed his passion for art and how music is actually his second love.

“I am an artist first,” ZelooperZ said. “That’s what I do. I love art. I’ve been painting since I was a kid. Music is kind of my second love. I started drawing as a kid like [in] elementary school. When I got into high school, I started painting. I mostly do everything like art. I got into music by just growing up in a household with all different types of music playing, it kind of stuck with you. We used to freestyle in the kitchen [and during] dinnertime. It was like a musical household and I always liked rhyming.”

Bump "My Mind" below.

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