DJ Carnage churns out party anthems. Yesterday (July 14), the Guatemalan producer released a monster record with Young Thug and Shakka called "Don't Call Me."

The record drops in the middle of the summer, and it's an ideal song for your vacation turn-up. The track's bouncy, feel-good production acts as the perfect complement to Shakka's high-pitched, energetic vocals. Thugga Thugga comes in around the 2:20 mark, and his delivery is as solid as ever.

The Atlanta rapper spits, "Do your thing, baby/Do your thing, baby, baby do your thing, baby/Yeah smoke out your brains, baby/Yeah, let's get stoned, do the same, baby/Tomorrow, yeah, and if you broke, bae you can borrow it/Yeah, I want you, baby no sorrow/I do this shit because I got it, oh/I got bitches with me, I got on a poncho/And I know you wanna beat it like R-R-R-ambo."

He continues, "Yeah but I got 'em sittin' up in the nosebleeds/You can't see 'em 'less you own a helicopter, oh/You throwed off, you should go and see a doctor, bro/I'm standin' up tall on my bankroll/One, two, three, make the crowd roar/Nigga, one, two, three, make the crowd go crazy."

If you're feelin' this track, go back and check out Carnage's previous banger, "Mase in '97" featuring 2016 XXL freshman Lil Yachty. Lil' Boat raps at warp speed, "I might catch a body, I’m lying, I’m too rich for that."

You can listen to "Don't Call Me" above via SoundCloud. Keep it locked to XXL for more music and news from DJ Carnage.

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