It could be said, with little to no protest, that Young Thug's lyrics are at times confusing. Or at the very least, they're occasionally borderline indecipherable. That would explain then, why the good people at GQ recorded Thugger reading the lyrics to his hit "Best Friend" in connection with a recent feature on the rapper published in the magazine's March 2016 issue.

While Thug is a bit more restrained here, he proves that portions of the song simply can't be said without added emphasis or motion. As a calling card of sorts, Thug routinely stretches and tinkers with the pronunciation of words, making a cold recitation all the stranger. However, his charisma still leaps through the screen with pauses and smiles punctuating the reading session.

Noticeably absent from the video is any sort of explanation or extrapolation, as Thug gets through the song's first verse with nearly no commentary whatsoever. He does remark at the beginning of the clip, saying of the adlib "Fuck you, your mama and everything else" that "the person who I was talking about know exactly I was talking about him, too. By the way." And later on, he compliments whoever transcribed the song lyrics, saying "Who wrote this? They almost knew everything."

The perpetually rolling wave that Young Thug seems to riding has gained a bit of momentum recently, as Thug's guest work on Kanye West's The Life of Pablo earned him a spot alongside West at Saturday Night Live. Though he just dropped I'm Up at the top of the month, Thug is set for another mixtape release with Slime Season 3, or it's new and improved title, waiting somewhere in the wings. Check out the Thug's dry read of "Best Friend" above.

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