Young Scooter is counting down the days until his release from prison, and with less than two months to go, he's focused on getting back in the booth and delivering for his fans. Today, Scooter wrote a letter to his fans from his spot at Dekalb County Jail and had it delivered to XXL. Check out the handwritten correspondence below, as well as the typed transcript, and read our recent interview with Scooter where he talks Gucci Mane, Chief Keef and his new mixtape, From The Cell Block To Your Block, right here.

Here is the full transcript:

I wanna again salute all my fans for the support y'all been giving me and my music these last 4 months, nothing possible without y'all. Appreciate the way y'all been keeping my name going & staying tuned into the music I been putting out. Also the music I left in the streets, which is "TIMELESS COUNT MUSIC" which means you can listen to it forever. I came from the streets, so that's what I rap about, my life, what I been through and what's going on in the streets, the struggle. Flexing & Finessin.

That's why I consider myself MARRIED 2 DA STREETS because I been through so much shit. I know the streets from every angle. I'm dropping a new mixtape Aug 26th so stay tuned. Its called Cell Block To Your Block. Another classic for streets & for all my fans to have some real street music too listen & ride to when you day to day hustling, counting money. Shout out to my kids, KB & Money. I let them down the most but I ain't got long, less than 50 days left in Dekalb County then its right back to the studio. Appreciate all my fans support "Count Up"

It's Only 1 Black Migo Gang Y. $cooter