Atlanta street rapper Young Nudy has seen his career grow over the last few years, starting with the success of his 2016 mixtape SlimeBall. Given his city of origin, his affiliations (21 Savage is his cousin) and musical subject matter, he's surely heard the rumblings of rap fans who question the state of the genre—particularly those from elder generations.

Nudy insists that the art form is doing better than ever, pointing to hip-hop's surging popularity as evidence. "All this culture shit, and all that type of shit, I ain't with all that, I just wanna rap," he tells XXL. "I ain't with all that hardcore rappin' shit, people talking about hip-hop, the shit dead and shit. Niggas don't rap like how y'all folks used to rap, so stop all that crying. If our generation sitting right here listening to it, why the fuck is y'all mad?"

Young Nudy is hard at work on SlimeBall 3, which he's been recording since January. The project was scheduled for release in May, but its release has been indefinitely postponed. "I can always put a project together, I got a thousand goddamn songs, I record 24/7," he says. "It's just when I say Slime Ball 3, I start recording different."

His creative process consists of freestyling his songs, not spending too much time dwelling on what he wants to say. "I don't gotta sit there and think about what the fuck goin' on in these streets," he says. "I know if I whip this .40 out with that dick on it, you gonna get scared, and gonna wanna give it up."

A new release date for SlimeBall 3 hasn't yet been announced, but Nudy held fans over with his "Do That" music video, which he dropped in May. He released his SlimeBall 2 mixtape in February 2017.

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