Young M.A promotes her latest offering by releasing the video for the track, "Self M.Ade."

"I just want the Audi R8 with the matte black paint on it/Hoping that them niggas don't hate on it/New York plates on it with my own name on it/Young M.A on it, just wait on it," she raps on the chorus. Her dreams are fulfilled in the visual for the track as she rhymes in front of the very car she spits about. The crispy whip even has "Young M.A" on the license plate.

In other scenes, the "OOOUUU" MC shows off the grassroots hustle that enabled her to upgrade her automobile and her lifestyle. "Gotta make a quick move, grindin' 'cause the rent due/I hear them guys talkin' 'bout me, homie that's a bitch move/That is what a bitch do, I'm guessing you a bitch too/Finding Nemo with the chopper/Feed them niggas fish food," she spits over the bountiful track.

The song resides on M.A's Herstory EP, which hit the 'Net in April. The seven-song project boasts Monica as a guest artist and features the smash shit "OOOUUU" as a bonus cut. The debut EP was a solid offering with our own Scott Glaysher praising the project for its lyrical aptitude. "Whether you believe it or not, she undoubtedly has one of the sharpest pens in the game regardless of any category you may place her in," he wrote in the review of the EP. "Her old-fashioned bar brigade style seems to be something of a lost art these days with the majority of up-and-comers opting to rhyme in a way more casual way."

Watch the "Self M.Ade" video below.

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