G-Unit has had their fair share of ups and downs, but they've built an empire over the years. Young Buck recently called into DJ Whoo Kid's radio show, who has close ties with the rap group, where the rapper spoke on his recent Instagram Live rant that addressed the false rumors of him potentially having issues with his G-Unit brothers.

While the reunited crew, which consists of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Buck, Tony Yayo, and Kidd Kidd, isn't always able to be together for every appearance, fans have recently been alluding to other problems amongst the staple hip-hop group. The "Shorty Wanna Ride" MC ranted on a live stream last week, where he shot down anyone who believes he was kicked out of G-Unit or may be having problems with 50 Cent.

"G-Unit ain't going nowhere fucking period niggas. Straight up. The brand, G-Unit, never go nowhere. It's built from real shit. It's all we end on. It's gon' always stand on real shit, period," Buck said during the live stream. "Point blank period. No matter how you niggas tangle or twist it, whatever nigga. It was built on real shit, stand on real shit, and it's gon' be here, nigga. And it's a part of me, period nigga. I don't give a fuck if you niggas see me over here doing this and that, niggas always G-Unit. I don't got to keep screaming G-Unit to make you niggas know it's G-Unit with me. I don't got to [put up] a post with me and 50 to make you niggas know that me and 50 on good terms, nigga."

While discussing the rant with Whoo Kid this week (June 7), Buck detailed where some of his frustration stemmed from, and cleared the air on why he felt the need to speak on the matter on his social media platform.

"Man, it just was... me, I get a lot of people just pushing the line who cared about not seeing me when they see the other guys doing shows, moving or 50 doing this and the other guys just together. I think that just puts people in the mind frame of 'it's gotta be a problem' because [there was] a problem in the past," Bucks tells Whoo Kid over the phone in the clip below. "Me and 50 had... the run-ins we did have. I think at the end of the day, the fans is almost left in a place where they become curious when they don't see me around, or don't see Kidd Kidd or Banks or whoever. When we not together, that becomes a problem. So after awhile, then they start feeling like 'alright, let's start flooding' or 'let's make a timeline,' they're making up these different things and shit. After awhile, [it's] only so much I can take. But it's one of my flaws I think."

Some fans wondered if there were issues within the group earlier this year when G-Unit went on tour and brought Uncle Murda instead of Buck. But 50 later clarified Buck wasn't able to travel due to recent legal issues, not any drama with members of the clan.

Listen to Buck speak on the G-Unit rant with DJ Whoo Kid to get some clarity and watch his original rant below.

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