Look like Young Buck is staying in jail longer than anticipated.

"Damn the boy Buck gotta do some time," 50 Cent wrote. "They are gonna keep him today. Smh he will be alright. #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO."

Young Buck violated his probation by getting arrested in July. Buck’s former girlfriend received a text from the rapper and reported it to the police. The message included a threat that Buck would burn her house down. The Nashville native then arrived at her apartment and kicked down the door. He was arrested on July 21.

The "Shorty Wanna Ride" MC was held in custody for a few hours before being released on $5,000 bond. Young Buck was later taken in again for the previous arrest being a probation violation. He was admitted to Warren County Regional on July 28. He was released from federal prison on Aug. 1, but had to come back to court in regards to a potential revocation of his probation.

Young Buck's hearing did not go well as he will spend the next seven months in jail. Fellow G-Unit member Tony Yayo expressed support for Buck on Instagram.

"Free @buckshotz hold your head big bro," Tony Yayo wrote. "The system is a trap and we the targets. We all make mistakes bro but we got families to feed. Your freedom is everything bro we need you out here. 💯."

Young Buck released a new mixtape titled 10 Bodies just a week before his legal troubles began. He also garnered some national attention for his strong words about black people defending themselves against crooked police officers.

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