It's been nearly four months since Young Buck dropped his 10 Street Commandments album and the Nashville, Tenn. rapper is back with a new single, "Can't Lose."

On Wednesday (March 28), Buck posted several videos from radio stations across the country who were previewing the song live on the air. "Stop talking just show them/Ain't no way you gone lose/They gone be praying that you lose/They gone be saying that you do/Now what you gone do?" Buck can be heard rapping on the smooth track.

According to Young Buck's Instagram posts, "Can't Lose" also features a guest appearance from singer Twanee, who was previously featured on Buck's last album and can be heard singing with him on his latest song. "That's the main reason why I, I don't play by no rules (play by no rules)/I done paid all my dues (paid all my dues)/Come and walk in my shoes/Ain't no way I'm gone lose/Ain't no way I'm gone lose (way I'm gone lose)," the two sing on the song.

50 Cent also previewed the song on his Instagram page, showing love to his G-Unit partner. "New shit," 50 can be heard saying in the video as he cruises around New York city bumping the track.

While the song has already been previewed by a number of radio stations, it's uncertain when "Can't Lose" will get an official release, as the song has yet to be made available on streaming music services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Check out a preview of Young Buck's "Can't Lose" below.

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