YNW Melly associate YNW Bortlen, who is a co-defendant in the rapper’s double murder case, was granted a release on bond and house arrest over the weekend.

On Sunday (May 24), attorney John M. Phillips, who represents the deceased victim YNW Juvy, hopped on Twitter and shared court documents detailing the approval for Bortlen’s release on bond and house arrest.

According to signed legal documents on Saturday (May 23), a judge granted Bortlen to be released on $90,000 bond. When released, he will be placed on house arrest and will not be allowed to have any contact with Melly or anyone associated with the case.

“Jamell Demons aka @YNWMelly's co-defendant Cortlen Henry aka @YNWBortlen was granted bond and house arrest,” Phillips tweeted. “Melly remains in jail until trial. The victim’s family understands the release but does not agree with it. They hope for full justice and safety of all witnesses.”

For count I of murder in the first degree, his bond is set at $75,000, for count 2 of murder in the first degree, his bond is set at $75,000, for count III of accessory after the fact, his bond is set at $15,000 and for count IV of accessory after the fact, his bond is set at $15,000.

"The Defendant’s bonds shall be secured, by collateral, in the form of real property and/or other tangible person property, having sufficient net asset value in excess of Ninety Thousand ($90,000.00) dollars,” the document reads.

Fred Haddad is YNW Bortlen's attorney.

Bortlen, born Cortlen Malik Henry, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of accessory after the fact for his alleged involvement in the murder of YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser. In a statement released on Twitter on Feb. 13, 2019, Miramar, Fla.'s police department accused Melly and Bortlen of staging the scene of the crime to look as though it was a drive-by shooting.

Meanwhile, YNW Melly is still behind bars despite testing positive for coronavirus. Last April, TMZ reported that the Florida rapper is suffering from symptoms of the illness and is being given Tylenol and Gatorade to treat the effects of the virus. Insiders have told the outlet that Melly has "labored breathing, body aches and headaches."

On April 9, Melly's attorney, Bradford Cohen, confirmed to XXL that a motion was filed on the rapper's behalf for an emergency release to receive medical care. Court documents obtained by XXL stated that "the defendant will, if permitted to be placed in the hospital setting, pay for his care, pay for officers to monitor him and be subject to 24-hour house arrest." A judge reportedly denied Melly's request for outside medical treatment.

Both YNW Bortlen and YNW Melly's next court dates are set for July 2. XXL has reached out to YNW Bortlen's lawyer for comment.

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