Several months removed from 6ix9ine's arrest on federal racketeering and firearms charges, YG pumps some new fuel into the beef by dissing the rainbow-haired rapper during his set at 2019 Coachella.

Last night (April 14), YG turned Coachella Valley into Boachella for his special performance at the popular music festival. During his set, the Bompton rapper premiered a new song that appears to be called "Stop Snitching." As performs the song for the first time, 6ix9ine's mug shot appears next to a sign that also says "Stop Snitchin" in the background.

On the track, YG lets loose some bars about people who cooperate with law enforcement. "You got fear in your heart so you cooperate/ I guess that's how bitch niggas operate," YG raps. "You's a bitch, yo mom like you're a bitch/Your girl know you bitch, I don't know how she suck your dick/Pause, you gon cause some shit with your best friend and your clique."

While YG doesn't go into the specifics of 6ix9ine's federal racketeering case, he appears to be speaking on the fact that Tekashi struck a plea deal and pointed the finger at his gang member associates as being participants in a variety of crimes, earning himself the "snitch" label from the rap community.

YG and 6ix9ine's problems started back in 2018 when 6ix9ine took a few jabs at him during an interview with The Breakfast Club. Once YG got word that Brooklyn rapper called him "the dude that was hot mad long ago," the Compton rapper said "Fuck 6ix9ine" in an Instagram clip. Since then, both rappers have fired shots back and forth at each other and their affiliates.

In an interesting note, YG also had an image of Skinnyfromthe9 projected onto the back of the stage during his set. There isn't any public information in regards to Skinny cooperating with authorities, so it's unclear what, exactly, YG is referring to in regards to the New Jersey rapper.

"Stop Snitchin"  may be off the album he postponed out of respect for Nipsey Hussle, who was shot and killed on March 31. Before closing out his set, YG revealed that the album will drop on May 3. He also made the time to call Nipsey the Black Jesus.

Watch YG deliver his message to 6ix9ine below.

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