YG isn't letting his feud with 6ix9ine die out and in his latest video for "Bulletproof" featuring Jay 305, the Compton rapper is making his feelings about Tekashi known. On Thursday (Sept. 13), YG shared his Austin Simkins-directed video which features a rainbow-haired 6ix9ine lookalike.

The visual begins with the "Gummo" rapper lookalike being walked down a prison hallway as inmates in the background yell "pedophile." The 6ix9ine lookalike is then taken to his cell, where he is met by a large inmate who wants to sexually assault him. "I'm from New York. Treyway!" the "Fefe" artist lookalike yells out. The portion of the video ends with the word "PEDOPHILE" flashing onscreen under a rainbow before the second half of the visual starring YG and Jay 305 begins.

The beef between YG and 6ix9ine dates back to earlier this year when YG shouted "Fuck 6ix9ine" in a video after the New York rapper dissed him during a Breakfast Club interview. Things between the two then escalated in August, when YG said he stood by his diss and proceeded to label 6ix9ine a pedophile for his sexual misconduct case.

"Lil nasty ass muhfucka," YG wrote on Instagram. "Now go to jail and get yo dick sucked pedophile ass child molester."

While 6ix9ine has yet to respond to YG's latest diss in the "Bulletproof" video, the rapper did call YG out following his Breakfast Club appearance. "Ya last single before your album came out had four major artists on it. You had 2 Chainz, you had Big Sean and you had Nicki Minaj—you supposed to blow me out of the water. How my record doin' better than your shit?" 6ix9ine said in a now-deleted Instagram video.

Watch YG's "Bulletproof" video below.

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