Yesterday during an interview on Big Boy's Neighborhood (Dec. 16), YG had some strong words regarding the Grammy nominations for Best Rap Album. "Some of them albums is wack. My album is better than them albums," said the Cali native.

Speaking on why he thinks he didn't get a nomination, YG stated "I think it has to do with me being from the streets, and representing what I represent," and proceeded to talk about the positive thing he does in his community. When asked who he "would take a mic from" at the Grammys, referencing Kanye's infamous Taylor Swift incident, YG said "I'm rockin' with [Schoolboy Q and Iggy Azalea]," whose Oxymoron and New Classic, respectively, received nominations. When specifically asked which albums he would take out of the running for the Grammy award for Best Rap Album in order to put his in, he refused to call-out an artist.

He went on to say that he felt that the Grammy snub was a slap in the face because he feels that his album was "the best rap album of 2014." Nipsey Hustle shared YG's sentiment during an interview with XXL last week, saying that YG "won the street Grammy," while fellow Cali native The Game told TMZ early this morning that the Grammys "don't respect our culture or our music. Unless we cross over, we ain't winning shit." The Game went on to say, "We can’t even get police convicted of coldblooded murder, so we definitely ain't winning no fucking Grammy.

YG's My Krazy Life was met with extremely positive reviews across the board when it dropped this past March, receiving an XL rating from us.