YG released a new track Tuesday (Oct. 25) titled "One Time Comin," the artwork declaring that the song is “in loving memory of the victims of police brutality.” One day later, and YG has delivered the video for "One Time Comin" showing himself and others trying to escape the police. The video oscillates between a car chase, YG pushing a Rolls Royce as a swarm of cops follow, and a POV cam that shows a foot race through the street.

The west coast rapper is readying a new mixtape, writing on Twitter, "“Fuck it. Mixtape koming soon.” Check out the video for "One Time Comin," what we can presume is a lead single off the tape, up above.

YG has been overtly political this year, beginning with "FDT," his anti-Trump song that caught the attention of the Secret Service. (It was later censored for his Still Brazy album.) While on his current tour, YG also invited fans to come onstage and take a swing at a Donald Trump-shaped piñata.

Still Brazy inhabits this paranoid zone where the Compton rapper can't trust a soul, especially after getting shot last June, and perhaps his new mixtape will have a similar tone; "One Time Comin" certainly sounds like it could have been off his latest album.

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