When it comes to building a brand on social media, many people could learn a thing or two from YesJulz. Born Julieanna Goddard, the 25-year-old Tampa Bay native and Miami resident has made a name for herself by keeping her fingerprint on the pulse of pop culture and documenting her carefree lifestyle for the world to see. She's amassed a devoted following of teenagers and young adults who tune in from all over the world to see her stories on SnapChat and every tweet posted on Twitter.

From hosting the hottest nightclubs and venues around the country to mingling with elite entertainers, athletes and tastemakers, YesJulz has become a mover and shaker in the music and fashion industries. Parlaying her presence on social media into collaborations with brands like Nike, T-Mobile and Red Bull while promoting concerts and curating the latest cool, YesJulz is living the life that many millennials aspire to in real-time while inspiring those on their own journey with her #NeverNotWorking campaign.

But when she's not racking up frequent flier miles and living the glamorous life, YesJulz makes sure to put her time where her heart is and give back to those less fortunate through her bevy of charitable initiatives, most notably her #HashtagLunchBag Charity Dive & Food Giveaway. The self-proclaimed "Director of Vibes" may have gained a chunk of her fame from SnapChat, but her thirst-inducing photos on Instagram have coerced more than a few infatuated with her curves and stunning features to take note of South Florida's newest "it" girl.

Here are 15 flicks that serve as an example of why YesJulz is the object of our affection.

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