If the last month or so has taught us anything, it's that rappers are just as susceptible to mental breakdowns as we are—maybe even moreso. Attendees of a recent Yelawolf concert in Santa Cruz were among the latest to learn that reality. In the video above, the Shady Records artist can be seen chucking his mic to the ground as he tells the audience that he simply quits.

In the video, dated Nov. 16, a seemingly exasperated Yelawolf challenges his fans to explain to him why he should continue performing. "Fuck what? I gotta keep going for you, because I'm a slave?" he asks the raucous audience. "You think I gotta keep going for you, because you paid? I'll fight you motherfucker."

After a ranting on for a bit, Yelawolf jumps into the crowd, looking fully prepared to duke it out with a few of his fans. Luckily a few people pulled him back before things could get worse. The show abruptly ended shortly afterwards.

A few days before that, the Hotel artist was recorded in the video below destroying his own set during a show at Eugene, Oregon's WOW Hall. While it isn't unusual for rappers or rock stars to get a little aggressive in their concerts, actually destroying your stage equipment is pretty extreme for anyone.

According to Roughstock, Yelawolf has now cancelled the remainder of his Trial by Fire tour, noting that Yelawolf has even changed his Instagram handle to his government name Michael Wayne Atha. Yelawolf himself has yet to offer up an official explanation, but peep what Slumerican artist Struggle Jennings said on Instagram below.

iamstruggle via Instagram
iamstruggle via Instagram

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