The on-again, off-again relationship between YBN Almighty Jay and  Blac Chyna has been quite interesting to watch play out over the course of this year, and perhaps the most eyebrow-raising detail of their romance is the striking contrast in their ages.

Upon the couple going public, there have been a flurry of concerns from fans and others alike regarding the 29-year-old model dating the 18-year-old rapper. However, it appears as though the 11-year gap doesn't phase Almighty Jay, as evidenced by his most recent Instagram post.

On Thursday night (Aug. 2), the "2 Tone Drip" rapper uploaded a photo of himself and Chyna to his account. In the snapshot, Almighty Jay is seen holding a puppy as his lady cups her hands around his neck and places a kiss on his forehead. Innocent enough, right? That is, until you take a glance at the accompanying caption which reads, "Blac Chyna Got Her Oldest Son A New Puppy Before School Starts Back 🐶.”

While the caption itself is implicating an incestuous relationship, Almighty Jay is seemingly making light of the harsh criticism he and Chyna have faced over the past few months. His fans certainly ate it up as they filled his comments section with a series of laughing emojis and takes of their own.

"Blac chyna the real MVP," one user wrote. "She really look like she holding her child tho," another chimed in.

Back in March, the couple officially became an item and have been spotted around Los Angeles ever since. According to Almighty Jay, Christian Mingle was the catalyst to their romance after he came across Chyna's profile on the dating site.

After nearly one month of dating, the pair were rumored to be engaged but it's still unclear just how serious Almighty Jay's proposal truly was. In either case, get into YBN Almighty Jay's hilarious Instagram post below.

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