It looks like YBN Almighty Jay and Blac Chyna are taking their romance to new heights. The key word here is, "looks."

On Wednesday (April 11), the YBN rapper uploaded a simple, but short Blac Chyna-dedicated post to Instagram. In the caption for the post, which includes an image of Chyna, Jay writes, "Will You Marry Me? 💍." If this is the case, "that escalated quickly" doesn't even really begin to do justice to the situation at hand.

Rumors of YBN Almighty Jay and Blac Chyna's romance have only been around since the very end of February. Since then, the two have seemingly been through a lot together, with one of those things apparently being a near-brawl at a Six Flags this past Easter.

During a March interview, Almighty Jay said he'd met Chyna through a dating site you'd never expect. "I was searching on Christian Mingle and shit, and I seen her profile pop up and I'm like, 'This bitch is fire,'" Jay said at the time. It looks like marriage could be the next step of their romance.

It's still unclear how serious Almighty Jay's post actually is, but there's a really decent chance Chyna responds to it in the near future. Here's to hoping.

Check out YBN Almighty's Blac Chyna proposal for yourself below.

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