XXXTentacion concerts can get pretty wild. With moshing, raging, dangerous stage dives and insane crowd surfing, it definitely goes down. Things got a little bit more out of hand than usual when the rapper punched a fan in the face at a recent show.

Things appeared to be going well at first. The "Look at Me" MC reportedly told concertgoers that he was going to run through the crowd, and warned that if anyone touched him he would punch them. It looks like one fan decided to call his bluff.

Video has surfaced of the incident. It shows the rapper walking through the sea of humanity. One overzealous fan reaches out and touches the rapper's shoulder, which XXX responds to by striking said fan with a wicked right cross allegedly in self-defense. The recipient of the blow looks totally stunned, holding his mouth. X then gets in his grill, yelling something before stomping off.

X is surely still on edge after getting punched by a fan while he was performing at a show in San Diego earlier this month. In that situation, he claims he was set up by security.

X brushed that incident off in an interview with TMZ, saying he's not going to switch up how he operates because of what happened. “I just know it’s people hating pretty much,” he told the celebrity gossip site. “People just being haters. At the end of the day like, to be 19 years old and have this amount of success…there’s going to be a lot of problems. It’s not something I wasn’t ready for. So I mean, I’m just gonna take it like a man and be a man about the situation and do what I gotta do.”

XXL has reached out to the rapper's team for a comment about the most recent incident, but haven't heard back as of press time.

See footage of the punch below.

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