Three years ago, XXXTentacion's ex-girlfriend Geneva had the police arrest the rapper after she accused him of physically abusing her. Now, she's appearing in a video for "Hearteater," an XXX song that's floated around on SoundCloud and YouTube, but never received an official release.

On Friday morning (Oct. 18), X's mother, Cleopatra Bernard, uploaded a snippet of a new song and video called "Hearteater," a track that will presumably appear on the rapper's forthcoming album, Bad Vibes Forever. In the snippet, we can hear a voice note of X speaking about a way to include his ex in some project. The note was recorded on April 12, 2018.

In the clip, X says that some things he's working on all "include my ex in a weird way. I feel like tying her into it makes the video amazing and it really captures people's minds and really gives me the power I truly desire."

Moments later, we hear some guitar riffs and X starts singing about a "hearteater" eating his heart. It's at that point we see Geneva in black and white before we see the cover art for the single, which also includes an image of Geneva. In the video, she eats a heart.

In September of 2017, Geneva's testimony from January of 2017 about X's alleged physical abuse surfaced online. In transcripts of the testimony, she alleges that X hit her and made various threats toward her dating back to 2016. Geneva also claimed that in October of 2016, she found out she was pregnant and that the rapper threatened to kill her and the baby she was purportedly carrying if she didn't tell him the truth about a sexual encounter she'd had with another man.

See XXXTentacion's "Hearteater" video clip below.

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