Rza is slowly planning to take over Hollywood and with his upcoming remake of 1985 classic The Last Dragon, the mastermind behind the Wu-Tang Clan, has big aspirations. XXLMag.com recently chopped it up with the Abbot and he said that he wants Chris Brown and Rihanna to have roles in the film.

In fact Rza, who is one of the executive producers for the project, said he has already spoken to Brown about playing the part of lead character Leroy Green aka Bruce Leroy. “I holla’d at Chris and he seemed very interested,” Rza told XXL. “I never—I didn’t holla at Rihanna. But I holla’d at Chris one day. You know we came across each other in the studio, and I saw him at one of those award shows, and I said, ‘I really got you at the top of the list to bring this character back’ and he said—that he actually loved the character. He said he loved Bruce Lee and he’s a fan of The Last Dragon. I was like, wow, that’s cool cause there’s four of us that votes on it, but my vote is on him.”

Rza said he spoke to Chris before he was accused of assaulting former girlfriend Rihanna but that doesn’t change his mind. “[I asked him] about a month before—just before the jump off, but I’m still with it,” Rza said. “I’m still with it. Yea, I think it adds even more of a dynamic so he could do good on the screen. I’m one of those kinds of directors though. I’m one of those kind of people that loves to get dynamic.”

When asked when he plans for the movie to come out Rza replied, “I’m headed to Sony today yo.”

In other Rza movie news, the legendary Shaolin producer/MC will be appearing in the new flick Life Is Hot In Cracktown, hitting select theaters on June 26. The film, about the ills of crack cocaine in New York City during the '90s, also stars Kerry Washington, Lara Flynn Boyle and Evan Ross. - Jesse Gissen