The Chef is back in the kitchen, but he's not just cooking up music. In a recent interview with, Raekwon spoke on a film project he’s currently developing called C.R.E.A.M.; the same title of the Wu-Tang Clan’s classic 1993 single.

According to Rae, the movie will center on his early life in Staten Island, focusing on the exploits of him and his friends before picking up the mic. “It’s basically a journey into the lives of young cats, such as myself,” he explained, “…that go through so many things around themselves and dealing with family. [It’s about] that love that they have for everything they do, [that] takes them through hell to make it right again. So this movie is definitely a story of my life.”

The Wu-Tang MC says that the script is already written and he wants Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids to portray him in the flick. “A couple of the young MCs in the game, such as the Cool Kids, I think there’s one of them that kinda resemble me,” Rae said. “So we thinking of letting them have fun, with them catching a vision of all the things we did back in the days. I really feel like I had a full life as a kid, where I went through many different things, from playing sports to being caught up in the streets and then having knowledge of self."

But Rae wants to make it clear that the movie won’t just center on him. “Put it like this, it's more than just me that I’m trying to get across to,” he shared, “The movie will be told not just the life story of mine but the life stories of others as well.”

Giving a glimpse into the conclusion of the movie, Rae says, “The ending of the movie is probably gonna be when I pick up the pen, and write, ‘I grew up on the crime side…’ and write it in the inside of an abandoned house on the stove.”

As previously reported, Rae’s collabo album with Method Man and Ghostface, Three, the Hard Way is scheduled for a March 9 release. He is currently also working on two new solo albums, one titled Wu-Tang Vs. Shaolin. —Jesse Gissen