The Life of Pablo has touched down, and there's at least one disappointing aspect of the song - Vic Mensa is no longer singing on "Wolves." He was replaced by Frank Ocean for the final version, but what looks like the original version of "Wolves" seems to have leaked online. Listen to it above.

Sia also seems to sing her original part on the song instead of her replacement on the final version, Sia. Frank Ocean's part is also in the beginning, which begs the question of whether this is actually legit or a fan-made edit.

Kanye first premiered the song at his Yeezy Season 1 show in NYC back in February of 2015. Days later, he performed the song with Vic Mensa and Sia on SNL.

The song has been one of the most anticipated Kanye West songs of all time, especially since that one kid kept telling Kanye, "Let's do 'Wolves'" when Yeezy performed at the TIME gala. Asked by Complex if he continued to ask Kanye to perform "Wolves," the fan said "I did not, unfortunately. I was at a loss for words. After the show I did get to walk with him backstage with his managers and security and say, "Thank you for everything. You made my dream come true." He and his team were hyped and happy off the performance, then we parted ways after he went into his dressing room. But we definitely made a memory. If I ever saw him in the near future, he'll definitely remember me."

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