Wedged between news stories surrounding his soon-to-be ex-wife Amber Rose and his recent appearance on WWE’s Raw at the beginning of March, Wiz Khalifa announced a new collaborative EP with Ty Dolla $ign titled Talk About It In The Morning. With an already undeniable musical chemistry that has been evident since Ty first signed up with Wiz’s crew in 2013, the Taylor Gang duo took it upon themselves to take their talents off recent remix records (“Twerk It,” “Let’s Get It”) and put them into a mellow, bouncy 5-track EP released this week.

Opening with production from L.A. trio The BMMB (Black Market Music Brokers), Wiz and Ty immediately dive into the content they're known for on the psychedelic "Judge It"—smoking kush and having sex. The lusty single speaks to both Ty Dolla $ign’s “Or Nah” and Wiz’s “You and Your Friends,” managing to live in the moment and promising to talk about it in the morning. In addition to "Judge It," The BMMB give the Ty-produced “Pretty Nights” some live instrumentation, allowing the song to embed itself in a smoky odyssey haze. With the exception of these two cuts, the rest of the Talk About It In The Morning tracks have already surfaced in the past few months. "Post Up," which was released March 10 alongside the announcement of the EP, is a bouncy Ty production that boast braggadocious lyrics from both artists, while “Refresh” and “Say No More,” originally released together at the top of the year as a two-part single, deliver high-grade emotions regarding women, relationships and daily stresses cured by sex and weed over heavy synths courtesy of Nice Rec.

What the project may lack in original content, bearing three previously-released singles, is made up with a kush-y ambience and a hint of Wiz Khalifa circa Taylor Alderdice for older fans, while Ty Dolla $ign seamlessly blends into the Taylor Gang smoke cloud. Unlike the 'throwback' cover art—a mashup of bad graphics and thematic confusion straight out of the No Limit aesthetic—Talk About It In The Morning presents an expected cohesiveness from the Taylor Gang duo that doesn’t need to be talked about in the morning, but appreciated in the present. —Erin Lowers

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