Wiz Khalifa has seen an incredible amount of success in his career, but he's just made global history on the Internet when it comes to YouTube. The Pre-Rolleds rapper's "See You Again" music video has now become the most watched video in YouTube history, surpassing Psy's "Gangnam Style" record over the last five years.

While "Gangnam Style" was at 2,894,022,885 views, Wiz's "See You Again" reached 2,894,026,649 views this week, taking over the record on the major video platform. Psy held the title for most watched video on YouTube for nearly five years, as "Gangnam Style" beat out Justin Bieber's "Baby" video back in 2012.

Reports say that Wiz and Charlie Puth's video averaged over 3 million views per day in the year of 2017 alone, which is how it easily accomplished the feat. Both the Pittsburgh rapper and the "We Don't Talk Anymore" singer released statements about the huge achievement.

"I'm super excited and grateful to everyone who supported the song and video on YouTube, and happy to inspire and impact so many lives," Wiz said.

"I remember when I signed up for YouTube in 2007 and had hopes of uploading a video and it reaching 10,000 views,” Charlie stated. “Now a decade later, it feels incredible to be a part of the most-viewed video on YouTube."

If you recall, the video reached over 1 billion views back in 2015, marking it as the tenth most viewed video on YouTube at the time.

Congratulations to Wiz and Charlie on the huge accomplishment.

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