Wiz Khalifa has been at the center of the hip-hop world over the past week thanks to his beef with Kanye West. After the two set the internet on fire with digital jabs, 'Ye and Wiz cleared the air yesterday and are back on good terms. During an interview with Hot 97 yesterday (Feb. 2), the Rolling Papers rapper gave a little insight on how the two reconciled.

"We spoke on the phone. Amber and Kim spoke on the phone, it's all good," said Wiz. "It was crazy because I don't think that's anything that wouldn't happen between anyone else. The way we settled it and the way we bounced back is all that really matters...[Kanye and I] are focusing on friendship, let's focus on being friends first."

Wiz also gave an update on Khalifa, which drops this Friday, Feb. 5, and said his son Bash will be on the project in some capacity. "I'm singin', I'm rapping, Sebastian is on there...You gotta get the album. If he was in here right now he'd be like getting your number. He's the man.

It's a collection of songs that could have made it on other albums but they just mean a lot to me. Knowing that they mean so much to me and that I want people to hear them, people are going to be like, 'Oh, wow!'"

In May of 2015, Wiz announced that he was planning on dropping Rolling Papers 2: The Weed Album and he gave an update on the follow up to his major label debut. "I'm still working on [Rolling Papers 2]," he said. "I'm putting it out this year, hopefully before the summer is over. I'm going to go on tour during the summer so before the summer I'm going to put Rolling Papers 2 out. Khalifa is to hold folks over."

Finally, Khalifa revealed that his Rolex wasn't stolen at a show in Brazil, but a man was trying to steal his shoe off his foot. "They said my Rolex got taken, nothing happened. Somebody tried to take my shoe and it was a dude! When I tell you that this nigga put all his weight and his arms and legs around my foot trying to take my shoe off."

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