Update (April 26, 6:13 p.m. EST):

According to a reporter in the courtroom, Kodak Black has been found guilty of five counts of violating his house arrest. More details are incoming, but it's not sure the verdict means he'll be sentenced to more jail time. Sentencing will not commence today. His next hearing is scheduled for May 4.

Original Story:

Kodak Black was back in a Fort Lauderdale courtroom Wednesday (April 26) for the latest hearing to determine whether or not he would serve additional jail time for allegedly violating his house arrest. On Friday (April 21), his case took a surprising turn when a second employee at Club Lexx, where Kodak is accused of assaulting a bartender, says she never saw any assault occur. Now, witnesses are testifying the accuser, Jennifer Cunningham, grabbed the rapper's genitals and boasted about it.

Brett Clarkson of The Sun Sentinel was on hand to live-tweet the proceedings, and you can read all his tweets on the hearing below.

The hearing started with a Miami-Dade detective named D.D. Rollins who claimed Cunningham is yet to meet with her about the accusations against the rapper born Dieuson Octave. "Her case is still open because she hasn’t come in to speak to me," Rollins said. "I haven’t really fully investigated her case of yet." Rollins also said it's not uncommon for battery cases to be left open due to lack of cooperation from the victim.

Rollins also testified about watching video footage that showed Octave and Cunningham hugging in the club. When prosecutors asked Rollins about the footage, she said, "They were embracing. Both of them were hugging each other." You can see some of the footage below.

Next on the stand was Baljit Singh, former manager of the club. He claimed Cunningham's accusations were false.“Nothing happened," said Singh in court. "I was like, this is ridiculous."

Singh also claimed Cunningham was drunk that night and boasted about grabbing Kodak's genitals."We knew she was drunk because she was actually bragging about grabbing the man’s genitals," said Singh, and when asked who "the man" was by attorneys, he clarified, "Kodak Black."

Singh says he assigned three security guards to watch Kodak that night, and one of them took the stand today after Singh's testimony was over. The guard seconded claims that Cunningham bragged about groping Kodak: "She told me she grabbed his meat."

Asked by prosecutors if he was being paid for his testimony, the security guard said, "Once you give me my Popeye's, that's my compensation," referring to the food he'd been waiting to eat after testifying in court.

Witnesses Testify Bartender Accusing Kodak Black of Assault Bragged About Grabbing His Genitals

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