“For anybody that doesn’t believe in me, your favorite rappers do.” —Drake, XXL May 2010

Game (and his N.W.A., Eazy-E and 2Pac tattoos) was once regarded as the biggest rapper stan in hip-hop but Drake might be giving him a run for his money. The Toronto star’s crowned everyone from Em and Wayne to Andre 3000 and more as the “greatest.” He’s even expanded over into R&B, calling Trey Songz the songbird of our generation, a mix between Fergie and Jesus “the greatest R&B singer of our generation.”

Although it’s a fair for some to consider Drake as hip-hop’s fav rap rookie, that might simply be because he’s every rappers’ biggest fan. We know what it’s like to love a rapper but it’s starting to seem like Drake loves every rapper and we just want to know… who’s your real favorite, Drizzy?

Is it Eminem?

Drake surprised fans at Toronto’s OVO festival this past weekend with a surprise Eminem performance. After Em finished his verse on "Forever," Drake commanded, “Toronto, I want you to make some muthafuckin’ noise for the greatest of all time—Eminem!” ...Right before Jay-Z went on. Bold.

Is it Andre 3000?


In a recent interview with Paper magazine, Drake admitted that he has a "shrine" to the Southern MC in his house.

“I have a shrine in my apartment dedicated to Andre. I took a door off a barn and had an artists take the lyrics from his verses [and put them] on this barn door. As soon as you walk into my apartment that’s the first thing you see.”

Is it Lil’ Wayne?

At New York’s Hot 97 Summer Jam this past June Drake name-checked the other greatest rapper alive and Young Money leader, Lil Wayne.

“How many of y'all miss the greatest rapper alive right now, man...? You know I talk to Wayne every day?” He also gives a nod to Wayne in the thank you’s of his debut album, writing, “To Lil Wayne: Thanks for risking your credibility in order to put forth something so different. You are my idol, my mentor, and my friend I am by your side forever.”

Is it Phonte?

Drake has gone on record many times saying that Phonte of Little Brother is one of the greatest rappers, most recently in a video interview with Nardwuar. When presented with a vinyl copy of Little Brother’s "The Way You Do it"/"The Get Up," he said “To say I’m a Little Brother fan would be an understatement. To say I’m a 9th Wonder fan would be an extreme understatement. And to say Phonte is a good rapper would be offensive to me because he’s probably one of the best rappers of all time in my opinion.”

Is it Nicki Minaj?

Okay, he may not have said she’s the greatest of all-time but this guy clit-rides Nicki more than anyone else (naturally). He thanks her twice in the thank you’s of his debut album (yeah we caught that!), as Nicki Minaj and again by her real name: “Onika, I love you with all my heart. I’m so honored to know the real you.”

At the height of Nicki's one-sided beef with Lil Kim, Drake said this to her on stage at one of their shows together: “I know you be calling women bitches and shit but I can’t say you the baddest bitch. I can’t do that because I respect you, I love you too much and you look too beautiful. So I just wanna say you the baddest woman to do this rap shit. I don’t give a fuck what Lil Kim or nobody else is talking about, you’re the baddest chick to ever do this shit. Remember I said that.”

Is it Jeezy?

"One of my favorite rappers in the world, Jeezy, is somebody who loves my music," Drake told Complex magazine. "For him to not only co-sign what I'm doing but also to want to make music with me is crazy." Hmm, is it all-Jeezy everything for Drake?

Is it J. Cole?

For those that thought Cole was the competition, clearly you’re wrong. Drake gave the Fayetteville rookie much love, calling him one of his favorite rappers out right now.

Will Drake’s favorite rapper please stand up? Who do you think is Drake’s favorite rapper? —Brooklyne Gipson


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