The other day, when the Smoking Gun outed Alfamega as a snitch, it was rumored that he was laid up in the hospital with two broken legs. Word on the streets was that the police beat him up, and I figured it may have been payback for blowing his cover. Police aren't really supposed to beat the crap out of snitches for blowing their cover, but you know 5-0 gets away with doing all kinds of illegal shit.

Two broken legs didn't sound like a normal injury to me. I've had a couple of broken bones in my right leg, courtesy of the Internet Soldiers, but two broken legs sounds like some shit you get for trying to shove your arm up a stripper's vagine, over on the East Side.

Then Alfamega just kinda up and disappeared. I know some people were trying to contact him, presumably for the sake of journalism. He wasn't in jail anymore, but he wasn't at home either. Though I'm not sure home would have been the best idea anyway, given what I know about the code of the streets. He was rumored to be in jail, but I guess no one thought to just call the jail and find out what happened.

Enter the Smoking Gun.

I read there just now that Alfamega has been in police custody since like a week before he was outed as a snitch. He got pulled over for speeding or whatever, and the cops found a loaded, stolen gun in his car. Then he resisted arrest, took off running and jumped off a bridge or some such. Hence the two broken legs. He spent a couple of weeks in jail, then he got out on bail this weekend. If he's convicted of the gun charge, he could get sent up for 10 years.

A few thoughts on this matter:

1) I guess having his sentence reduced by tattling would be out of the question? If I was Alfamega, I'd have to seriously consider it. I mean, everyone already knows he's a snitch anyway. And look at the way T.I. just up and bounced him from Grand Hustle, even though we don't know for a fact that Alfamega was the one who got him caught trying to buy those machine guns. Only thing is, it might be difficult placing him in the witness protection program.

2) Alfamega is a fucking beast of a man. The police report says they tried to subdue him with pepper spray, but it didn't seem to have any effect. I wonder if he's immune to it, from having been sprayed with it so many times. It didn't seem to have any effect on him at that ghetto awards show either. In those pictures, he had a big shit-eating grin on his face, even as he was being sprayed. They said a baton didn't have much of an effect on that cue ball noggin of his either.

3) I wonder if there was some sort of link between Alfamega getting busted and his being outed as a snitch. Maybe there was some sort of tacit agreement that, as long as he didn't get caught trying to shoot up the club at 2 am (it sounds like that's what he was up to), no one would know he was the guy who dropped dime on T.I. But then he did, and the next thing you know, there he is on the Smoking Gun. I wouldn't be surprised. You'd think it wouldn't be that easy for the Smoking Gun to out a federal informant.

T.I., meanwhile, has been off marching with Al Sharpton against gun violence. Roffle. I wonder if Mr. Do received some sort of fee, or if he figured it'd be good publicity, which he could go use to do something else for which he could charge a fee. The whole thing was obviously just a publicity stunt to take people's minds off of Alfamega, and to make it seem like there's a legit case for him only serving a few months in prison. Also, I wonder if Mr. Do was aware of T.I. going on the radio and kicking Alfamega out of Grand Hustle for being a snitch. Which is not to say that he was definitely wrong for what he did. I'm just saying. It doesn't necessarily jibe with his image as a reformed con. It probably should have been addressed, if he was at all interested in being taken seriously.

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