Westside Gunn isn't a fan of the music industry. If you didn't know that before, you definitely do now.

On Wednesday (March 14), the Shady Records artist went on a massive nine-tweet Twitter rant seemingly venting his frustrations about people taking credit for things he says he made popular.

"I be trynna be Humble but now EVERYBODY selling shirts, Hats, EVERYBODY wanna sell vinyl, EVERYBODY saying they shit ART, using Wrestling ref and not even in the wrestling Culture," Gunn wrote in one post. He goes on to take responsibility to birthing other popular trends today—namely vinyls.

"I made it cool to sell out Vinyls in Minutes," he continued. "I gave u courage to think u can sell a shirt, but let's be honest ALL these niggas is Lil niggas to me idgaf if u 18-60yrs old I carved a LANE I got Murals all over the world."

Even though he seems to hint at people not wanting to pay homage, Gunn feels like he's still coming out on top. "I got on 6figures in jewels, houses, foreign cars and rap on Daringer, Alchemist and boom bap shit, I'm the chosen one I'm the FLYGOD, I really can't wait to come back just to shit on niggas," he wrote in the middle of his Twitter rant.

Check out Westside Gunn's feelings on the industry for yourself below. Listen to his very dope Hitler Wears Hermes 5 project when you're done with that.

See Westside Gunn's Tweets About the Music Industry

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