Westside Gunn and Conway crafted an entire album with The Alchemist in less than two days. Westside Gunn revealed this fact during an appearance on B-Real's web series The Smokebox.

"We just left his house right now to come here," he told B-Real around the 1:20 mark of the above video. "We just did a whole album in a day and a half. Just wrote the whole shit, eleven songs, in a day and a half. Man, the shit is phenomenal. I can't until till that shit drop."

B-Real then asked Westside Gunn how he and Conway linked up with The Alchemist. The Buffalo rapper said they connected via Twitter, but also shared many mutual friends.

"One day he just tweeted like, 'Yo, Westside Gunn's shit crazy,' and I'm like, 'Oh shit, this is fucking Alchemist,'" Westside Gunn said. "He got put on. Once we started building with him, he got put on by, I think it was Planet Asia. We been cool ever since. We fuck with Action [Bronson] heavy and ALC fuck with Action heavy, so everybody he fuck with, I fuck with. Everybody he fucking with, we fucking with, so it was bound to happen anyway."

Westside Gunn also spoke about people trying to force a competition between him and Conway. The rapper said that Conway is the better MC, and he has no problems admitting it.

"This is my brother, this is design," he said around the 18 minute mark. "He's supposed to be doper than me. They don't get that. They'd rather force the compete. There's no competition. To be honest, I just be tryna keep up with the mothafucka. If I can keep up, I'm good."

Westside Gunn's latest project is the Hitler Wears Hermes 4 tape, which dropped back in October. Check it out here if you have not already.

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