One week ago, The Weeknd unleashed the Daft Punk-assisted "Starboy," the title track from his upcoming album. Today (Sept. 28), the Toronto singer returns with the accompanying visual.

With Grant Singer directing, Julien LeMaitre and Nina Soriano producing, and The Weeknd starring, what results is one of 2016's most striking music videos. The clip begins, and Abel (still with his long hair) is seated at a dining room table with his hands bound. Then, a man dressed in black uses a plastic bag to suffocate the 26-year-old musician.

The viewer then finds out that the murderer is, in fact, the new-and-improved Weeknd. Notice the symbolism here: essentially, The Weeknd is letting go of his past (including his famous hair) and ushering in a new era in his musical life. Rocking a leather jacket, an icy cross chain and black Pumas, The Weeknd walks past a bunch of plaques and paintings on his walls (including a portrait of Daft Punk with a panther).

Abel comes across a giant, neon-pink cross and begins destroying household items. Also, pay special attention to the black cat, who is presumed to be The Weeknd's pet. As soon as The Weeknd enters his luxury vehicle and hits the road, the cat turns into a panther, which resembles the feline in the aforementioned painting. In addition, notice that The Weeknd's vanity plate reads 'STARBOY' (just another dope detail).

The Weeknd's album of the same name, Starboy, is slated to drop on Nov. 25. He's coming off his biggest project to date, Beauty Behind the Madness, which featured smash hits including "Can't Feel My Face" and "The Hills." If you want to catch him perform live, you can tune in to Saturday Night Live this Saturday (Oct. 1).

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